12 Maret 2014

[WW] What should I do with them?

Do you have something in refrigerator but dunno what to do? Uhm, maybe it's only me in this world that often faced this situation ;)

Then, I only can pray. A little wish for goodness of my family. Hope they can accept my cooks *lebayyyy...

 a yummy margarine


 chicken fillets

meat balls

fresh vegetables

Aww... what should I do with them? ;)

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14 komentar:

  1. Capcay, yes?
    sepertinya enak dan menjanjikan masuk perut..hihi

  2. Tambahin mie...jadi mie goreng atau mie nyemek...lagi pingin mie goreng Mak uniek, akunyaa

  3. just put them all together in a hot pan... steer it for a moment.. and voillaa.... dinner is ready ;)

  4. I'll go with fried riceee...with lotsa chilliiiii...yummy for suree...btwm your linky is working, but it pops up in different page...I saw opi et me in the list ::D...

    1. Fried rice? with so many vegetables? hmmm... let me think abt it first ;)

  5. it's not only you mak...its me here hahaha..
    What I will do is...mix them with noodle, serve immediately (andelannya ini doang soale hahaha)