19 Maret 2014

[WW] New Stuffs

There will always be something around, especially new stuffs, even in bed time.

My four years old cute son, just got a new brush and a blue toy car from his aunty. He brought them whereever.

errr...what should we call it? a 'ngglimpang' toy car? ;)

two new blue stuffs accompanied his dream

The world is in my hand :)

Blue brush beside a cute thumb

My lovely boy, have a nice dream. Mommy will be beside you, though those new stuffs are more important for you :)

Do you have something nice to be wordless? Share with me, please.

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8 komentar:

  1. seneng banget ya punya mainan baru..
    bobok aja tetap dipegang mobilan barunya..,fotonya bagus mak Unik

  2. seneng liat anak-anak klo udh suka dengan mainannya...

  3. Nice angle nih... great shot!

  4. anak saya juga sering tuh bawa mobil-mobilannya tidur. katanya bobok sama mobil, ma :)

  5. sesama anaknay cowo ya mak :) mak aku kok udah masukin link ke bloglist tapi gak bisa ke udate ya, jadi aku telat terus mampir kesini

  6. mainannya takut hilang ya dek,,hehehehe